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Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training is a popular program by American TESOL Institute, which helps teachers in gaining knowledge required for teaching in primary and preschool level. This intense course deals with various theories and methodologies of teaching kids in the age groups of 2 -12. So whether you want to be a primary school teacher or a pre-school teacher, the Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training course will suit your purpose. In all preschool and primary schools in Mumbai, all teachers require having a teachers training certificate from a reputed institution. American TESOL Institute offers its candidates an international certificate after successful completion of the Pre and Primary course. It will not just enable them to teach in Mumbai but across the world.

Mumbai is the biggest metropolis of India and its economic capital. According to the recent census in 2011, this city has a population of 12,479,608 and has a literacy rate of 94.7%. To cater to this huge population there are numerous schools in Mumbai. Along with government or municipal schools, there are also a number of private and international schools. These schools have very high requirement of trained teachers, especially the private and the international schools. There are numerous international schools and preschool chains in Mumbai, where the requirements of teachers are considerably high.

Course Fees

  1. The course is offered in two modes - Online Course fees is Rs.12000 /240 USD and Distance Course Fees is Rs.14000/280 USD. You will be given access to the course upon full payment of the course fee.

  2. You will be given access to the course upon full payment of the course fee.

  3. We will also dispatch your certificate free of cost to you if you reside in India. Even if you live abroad, you will be required to pay only $25 as shipping charges.

  4. Tutor’s assistance, course material, video support, phone calls and assignment evaluation all are included in the course fee.

Why Online/Distance Teacher Training Course from ATI

  1. It is offered in an Online or Distance Learning Mode, so if you are in Mumbai or anywhere else in the world, you can do this course easily from your home.
  2. The candidates will be given assistance by our tutors through mails, phone or chat.
  3. The course is assignment and project based. An optional teaching practice session is included in the course for the candidates to get an exposure.
  4. The best feature of Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course, is that the teachers after the course can teach in the preschool and primary school level.
  5. After successful completion of the course, the candidates will be handed over a grade sheet along with the certificate.
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I feel every aspect of the course is useful for me. The trainers of the institute are very excellent. I am fully satisfied with the support of the trainer and guidance. I feel you should provide the centre of the institute in every state and district of India so that many teachers will have an opportunity to get admission for this course . I will definitely recommend this course to my friends who are teachers.


All the aspects of the course were effective in some way or the other. I have learnt a lot from this course. I was lucky to have Sangita as a trainer. Her help has made me complete my course successfully. I want to thank her for all her help. The trainers gave me comprehensive feedback. I would recommend this course to my friends.

Mumbai Teachers Training

Teachers in Mumbai get a good salary in comparison to other parts of India. There are many private and international schools where the teachers get good wage. The preschool chains like Kangaroo Kids, Kid Zee, Planet Kids and many more hire teachers for preschool level. As many girls are opting for teaching jobs to handle household responsibilities simultaneously, the demand of our course has reached its pinnacle. The Internet and easy communication through phone has also improved the quality of the Distance learning courses. Teachers after completing the Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers training Course can also get a teaching job in the primary schools of Mumbai. To cater to the huge population of Mumbai there are numerous schools. The salary of the teachers can vary from Rs4000 – Rs 45000 a month depending on the school and qualification of the teacher. Mumbai has one of the highest literacy rates among the metros in India. The Department of School Education of the Tamil Nadu Government dreams of eradicating illiteracy and dropouts; providing free and compulsory education to children between the ages of 6-14 and opening elementary schools in all the hamlets. These are lofty ideals and to achieve them Tamil Nadu needs a large number of well-qualified teachers. The demand for quality teachers is always more than the supply. Therefore, having a Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training from ATI will mean that you will always be in demand.

But if you reside outside or don’t have the time for an in-class course, you can choose either of the listed courses:
• A distance course
• An online course.

Some of the most reputed schools in Mumbai are mentioned below:
Ryan International School, Nalanda Public School, Ajeejay School, Palm beach School, Greenlawns High school, Rahul International School, Dunnes Institute, Sanjivani International School, All Saints International Schools

There are also many popular preschools like
Vivero International Preschool, Little Champs preschool, Kangaroo Kids

Online Pre and Primary Teachers Training Diploma
Candidates who choose to do Diploma in Pre and Primary in Online mode will be given access to our software. A unique username and password will be generated from our end with which the students can log in to the course material. There are numerous videos in the course catering to various important elements of the course. Online assistance will be given by the tutor as and when required.

Distance Diploma in Pre and Primary
In the Distance mode, study material consisting of books and CDs are sent by post to the candidates once they sign up for the program. Our tutors assist the students through phone and mail during this program.

So for a brilliant teaching career in Mumbai apply today for this International Diploma in Teachers Training Program.

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